About The Author

niwat0ri (/niwɑθorɪə/: a Japanese word for chicken , 鷄 or にわとり), is a twenty something web designer and programmer who lives in Bandung, Indonesia.

He was born in Jakarta and raised as sundanese outcast on a far away planet known as City of Shrimp. Unfortunately that planet was taken over by invaders from Mars, so his parents put him into a small rocket which then landed in Bandung.

He had a programming and webdesign ninjutsu after studying at hidden village of telecommunication college located at the south of Bandung. Couple of years later he joined the information technologies liberation front community, focusing his combo skills built by combination of: PHP – MySQL – Debian/Ubuntu Linux – Gimp – Inkscape – Ruby on Rails – Up – Left -Left – Right – Button1. The community later transformed into a small IT company, located at a coffee field near the border of Cimahi tribe.

While not commanding his programmer slaves squad on his office, or watching some anime and movies on his girlfriends place, he’s busy reading books, googling the world, or else… playing online games. As long as your web site doesn’t have any frames, flash and marquee, you are on his good side.