Chickenstrip 55: 2008 Web Prediction

Currently I’m collecting material as my reference for annual company meeting, it’s time for End of Year Review and Planning.


    18 thoughts on “Chickenstrip 55: 2008 Web Prediction

    1. @sinan: tablet wacom! tablet wacom! *ngejer2 tablet terbang pake baseball glove*

      @pradit, tukangkopi, andi, dobelden: met taun baru masehi 2008 aja 😀

      @sony: iya son.. iya.. *ngangguk-ngangguk prihatin sambil tepok-tepok punggung* :mrgreen:

    2. @manusiasuper: in copyleft I trust 😀

      @wisnu: 2008.. skipsi skripsi 😛

      @suprie: Inkscape dan GIMP

      @sharon: comment dari hongkong? *hongkong harfiah loh*

      @chika: Boy Suresh! bukan Roy, Boy! *siul-siul*

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