Chickenstrip 50: Yatta!

It’s sunday and it’s my birthday, my officemates and my girlfriend really get me on my nerves and I stuck with this pile of work. Argh, such a great birthday! I wish I can bends space and time like Hiro Nakamura, leaping trough times and forgetting about all of my crappy codes… at least for a while. (Yea yea, I’ve just finishing watching Battlestar Gallactica 2nd season and Heroes 2nd season, Yatta!!)

15 thoughts on “Chickenstrip 50: Yatta!

  1. Happy belated birthday, mantan-papah-semang.. But you don’t have much time.. If you dont finish the code, jerbee and the entire city will go bhoooff…

    *kehilangan fokus*

    eh, bagus juga itu jadi nama band untuk menyaingi khrisna and the new spectrum ato andra and the backbone.. hmmm.. jerbee and the entire city, nama yang bagus juga..

    *mempertimbangkan untuk menggunakannya menjadi nama band*

  2. i don’t know.. you birthday on Desember, 10…

    happy birthday for you,, and sorry i can’t give anythink except pray for you to life better..

    coding in the weekend i feel the same with you, coding for SIKUPI,,, hiks hiks,, jump to heaven!! YATTAA… 😀

  3. diki, happy belated bdayyy…

    *terlewat seminggu tidaklah terlalu buruk untuk ukuran mahasiswi yang tiap jumat sore didera ujian tengah semester kalkulus, fisika, dan kimia silih berganti (curcol)*

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