Chickenstrip 47: I am Beowulf!

When we went to the movie to watch Beowulf, my girlfriend noticed about the similarity between Beowulf and Leonidas screams:

Beowulf: “I am Beowulf!”
Leonidas: “This is Sparta!”

And their heroic speechs:

Beowulf: “Tonight will be different!”
Leonidas: “Tonight we dine in hell!”

And someone mixing it in YouTube as Beowulf 300 **lol**

5 thoughts on “Chickenstrip 47: I am Beowulf!

  1. “Bokura no Urutoraman.. Bokura no Urutoraman..” **nyanyi sontrek ultraman jadul sambil membayangkan leonidas pake baju spandex ketitnya ultraman** , “Tonight! We dine in hellll! Itadakimasuuu!”

  2. @dea: takut kurang berimbang, 300 gw nonton 3x.. Beowulf gw pan ktiduran di setengah film.. itu juga untung dibangunin eluh 😛
    @blek: beuh, h3k3r muncrat wekekeke

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