Chickenstrip 44: Blogger Party 2007 and URL

Indonesian Blogger Party 2007 was a great event, not only because that day (October 27th) declared as Indonesian national Blogger Day but also because I met many well known blogger, many blogger patron and many friendly blogger fellow.

Most asked question: “I often can’t access your chicken blog. Why?” Well, I still can’t find out why.. the webhosting is good, the domain was paid, my other websites and domains were normal, the blog engine is fine (not because the Mephisto Ndry, in Ruby on Rails we trust :P). I’m starting to think to change my domain to .com or .org before ended up with blogging in localhost server 😛

And since the URL column on the nametag/ID-card was too small, it’ll be better to write bigger URL (or tshirt with specified URL maybe?) for the next year event. And for some of you who advised me with your so called brilliant idea… no fellas, I’m not crazy enough to wear such a chicken costume.

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