No need to argue?

Sedikit tips yang gue baca di seputar bagaimana menghadapi webdesign piracy:
People tend to get worked up and send off emails in the heat of the moment. But offensive emails will not be received well. Try to write a polite, respectful letter, one you would not mind receiving yourself. Remember, you don’t know the whole story.

Not such a good idea:
dear sh*t head, your site is such a total rip!!! i hope he totally sues your ass off!!!!!! l00ser!!!

A better idea:
I don’t know if you are aware, but your site, located at,
bears striking resemblance to another site, located at
May I suggest you look into this matter?

Tapi sopan atau tidak sopan, kalau balasannya:

No need to argue.. Abbracadabra… And everything is gone !

Baru kita boleh bingung, karena hanya mengajarkan kita bagaimana menghadapi web ripper, bukan menghadapi pesulap ^_^ . Batasan meniru dan terinspirasi memang tipis, tapi masih ada benang pembatas yang bernama “izin”. To whom it may concern: semoga design gue bisa menjadi sarana pembelajaran untuk melangkah ke tahap berikutnya yaitu membuat design web sendiri. Selamat bereksplorasi.

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